Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tired of Kosher Restaurants? How to Make a Kosher Dinner Yourself

If you are very interested of preparing your own kosher meal, making your kitchen kosher compliant is the first step. While there are certain rules and guidelines that are needed to make your kitchen worth to become kosher, it does not have to be a daunting task to do. Learning these basic steps in making your kitchen kosher compliant will help you overcome the challenges that may be involved in your attempt to prepare your own kosher meals.

The basic kosher compliant kitchen

While there are many possible things that you can do in making your kitchen kosher, there are basic considerations that you need to observe more than anything else. What makes a kitchen kosher compliant is the fact that it uses facilities and cooking utensils that meet the standards required by the Jewish dietary law called the Kashrut. The Kashrut is inspired by the Torah or Bible teachings that require certain rules on how to process foods to make them kosher.  Meat and dairy products cannot be mixed therefore you need to make sure that you have enough kitchen utensils to use separately for these ingredients. Otherwise, you will render your food preparation as non-kosher.

What to prepare

Because you need kosher foods to make a kosher meal, you should buy kosher food products. You start by listing the kosher ingredients that you need on your grocery list. Aside from the supermarket, you have kosher certified sellers like the Kosher Family to buy kosher food products from. Kosher Family for instance is located in Crown Heights at Brooklyn and they offer wide range of kosher food varieties. All their food products are duly certified as kosher and they are properly labeled as kosher meat, kosher parve and kosher dairy. You can even order kosher food online for a better and convenient kosher food shopping experience. Start separating meat and dairy products when you are in the kitchen and make sure that you have allotted separate utensils for both.

Cleaning Up and Making an Inventory

If you are unsure which kitchen utensil should be used as kosher, consulting a rabbi will be a good idea. Start cleaning up your old utensils that are kosher and buy the ones that you need but don’t have when necessary. You need to clean the kitchen thoroughly as the Kashrut standards for kosher food preparation will require that the kitchen area and the utensils that come in contact with the food must be clean. The inside of the sink is generally considered as no-kosher so care must be observed in handling the foods against making it in contact on this part of the sink.

Kosher Family kitchen utensils and supplies

If you find keeping your kitchen kosher a daunting task, Kosher Family can help you simplify the process. You will find not only wide varieties of kosher food products from the store. They also have kitchen utensils that are suited to use for your kosher kitchen. You can also stock up your kitchen shelves with kosher food grocery products with their kosher food supplies.

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