Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kosher Food Equates to Healthy Food

Before kosher foods become popular in the market today, it was only known to be a food for the Jews that is prepared for religious reasons. Kosher foods are so called because they are considered to be fit for consumption according to the biblical teaching called Torah. However, in order to be kosher, there are certain restrictions and rules that need to be followed in order to make them fit and suited for consumption which is based on the Kashrut which is the Jewish dietary law that is inspired by the Torah’s teachings.

The Kashrut rules make kosher foods a healthier dietary choice that is not only limited to the Jews but to other non-Jews and health conscious individuals. To be kosher, the preparation of particular foods must be performed according to the Kashrut guidelines. For instance, only certain animal meats are allowed to be consumed as kosher. There are certain restrictions such as the animal must be completely drained from its blood and the meat thoroughly cleansed by salting. Because of the distinct way of preparing foods to become kosher, many believe that kosher foods care healthier and safer as compared to the traditional food preparations that are done by non-kosher food manufacturers.

Kosher food manufacturers are under the close watch of a rabbi that is authorized to certify kosher foods or by an Orthodox Union that imposes the stringent Kashrut dietary law restrictions to ensure that the foods are processed and prepared according to the Kashrut guidelines. With this kind of close monitoring to kosher food manufacturers, it makes kosher more favorably healthy and safe to eat. Generally, to make a food kosher it must meet the standards required by the Jewish dietary law. Vegetables, grains, fruits and similar products are carefully checked for non-kosher entities like the insects and other crawling bugs. Meat and dairy must not be mixed when preparing them that is why separate utensils are used when preparing them separately. Shellfish are not kosher so they are not served as kosher. The law of Torah also describes specific animals that are not kosher.

Some restaurants are also serving kosher foods and beverages. They serve kosher wines and other kosher menu. However, it is fun to make your own healthy kosher menu at home. Apart from serving a healthy food on the table, your family will have a great time bonding together. You can start writing down on your grocery list what to look for when shopping for kosher food products. To simplify your shopping list, instead of going to the supermarket, you can place your order online where they have different kosher food variants to choose from. You can also visit their offline store at Crown Heights in Brooklyn where you can find several food variants right from their shelves. Kosher parve is a good choice if you are allergic to dairy products. The kosher parve labeled foods are those that do not contain meat and dairy products or milk derivatives. Rather they contain vegetables that are safer and healthier to eat.

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