Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kosher Meal Guides for A Beginner

If it is the first time you have heard about kosher foods, then you must be missing something out. Kosher refers to foods that are prepared according to the dietary law of the Jews. To make a food kosher it is important to follow the Kashrut guidelines which provide for the procedures to follow when preparing particular foods that are allowed by the biblical teachings for consumption. Any procedure that does not follow the strict guidelines provided in the Kashrut makes the food non-kosher.

In the kosher kitchen, it is important to have two sets of cookery or utensils when you are preparing for meat and dairy ingredients. The biblical teaching in Exodus and Deuteronomy of the Torah prohibit the mixture of the meat and dairy ingredients as influenced by the teaching “do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk.” Thus, cooking kosher with meat and dairy products, you need to prepare them separately and with separate utensils. It is often needed to have two separate sinks as well for washing the utensils you used separately for the milk and meat. However, it is not prohibited to serve kosher with meat and kosher with dairy. What is only prohibited is mixing both ingredients in a single kosher food preparation or dish.

If you need something neutral, the kosher parve is a good alternative as it strictly does not contain dairy or meat products. Its main ingredients consist of fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, juices and cold drinks. These are great kosher foods that can complement eating either dairy kosher or meat koshers. Because one needs to wait for at least 6 hours interval between eating kosher dairy and meat, kosher parve can be eaten with both. Most of the kosher foods that are sold in the market are labeled property in order to help the consumers understand what ingredients are contained in each kosher food. The universal color for labeling kosher food products are red for meat, green or yellow for parve and blue for milk or dairy. Knowing these classifications of kosher foods is essential because it can provide you a better knowledge on which ingredient is most suited for your diet preference.

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