Monday, October 7, 2013

Kosher Parve and Allergies

While the kosher foods are being prepared mainly because it is influenced by the spiritual beliefs of the Jews, there is a growing number of people are getting more interested of eating kosher food products because of their health value. Kosher foods are known to be cleaner and prepared under the strict guidelines of the Kashrut teachings which is why even non-Jews are getting more interested on this kind of dietary meal.

Allergy is one particular health condition that is considered when taking kosher foods. Most kosher food products are prepared with dairy products that can trigger an allergy attack when they are consumed. Other known allergens that can also trigger an allergy attack are nuts, eggs, milk, seafood, and wheat. Kosher food products contain meat, dairy, fish, and milk derivatives, fruits and vegetables. Proper labeling of the kosher foods packages is necessary in order to guide the consumer with the kind of ingredients that are included in the kosher food products sold in the market. Individuals with allergy who are on a kosher diet are recommended to look for the kosher parve to ensure that they are eating healthy and allergen free kosher food products. Kosher parve foods are made from pure vegetables or fish and they do not contain meat and milk derivatives which can trigger an allergy.

Hypersensitive individuals may experience an allergic reaction if they eat kosher foods that are not properly labeled. Most kosher food manufacturers indicate allergy disclaimers in their food products and label their packaging properly to help the consumers exercise a better judgment on their shopping decisions for kosher food products. Allergy can become a serious health problem and in certain cases can become a fatal health risk. While there are standards that are required by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA from food manufacturers, kosher food manufacturers in particular have their own standard certifying agency or rabbinic certification that monitor the kosher certified sellers, restaurants, retailers and manufacturers to ensure that the food products that are sold in the market meet the Torah teachings. The proper labeling of the kosher food packaging is one among the requirements of the certifying agencies or organizations.

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