Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kosher Wine Making – The Art Influenced by Torah

If you stroll along Crown Heights in Brooklyn, you will find one of the popular places where you can buy high quality kosher wines and other kosher food products. While there are many restaurants that also serve kosher wines, the Kosher Family remains to be a one-stop-shop store for your kosher food and beverages needs. They serve high quality kosher wines and other beverages that adhere to the law of Torah. This is important because kosher wines are so called because they are handled, processed and served according to the Torah’s teaching and Kashrut dietary law for the Jews.

The art of kosher wine making is quite fascinating. There are stringent rules on how to prepare and process wines in order to render them kosher. Wines are fermented grape juice but they may also be from non-fermented grape beverages. There is the alcoholic wine production that usually occurs upon grape harvest at least twice a year. The grapes are handpicked then transferred carefully to the winery. From there they are crushed and pressed either manually or mechanically. They processing must be carefully observed by the Mashgichim in order to avoid rendering them non-kosher by improper handling and processing. The wine making process is the most difficult part as the ones handling the grapes must avoid Hamshacah from happening where the juice of the grape is separated from the skin.

The processing of the kosher wine must also be handled by a Jew otherwise when it is initiated by a non-Jew, the grape becomes no longer fit to become kosher whenever it gets sampled, pressed, conveyed into the plant or pumped by the hose, the production no longer qualifies to meet the Kashrut standard that makes the wine making process completely disqualified to be considered as kosher. Most winery facilities employ Jewish people to perform the task in order to take more control throughout the production steps. That is why kosher wine are properly labeled as kosher and bears the Kashrut certification to assure the consumers that the wine that they are buying are prepared, processed and fermented according to the Kashrut dietary law.

Kosher Family is one of the most trusted kosher retailers that sell different kosher food products including kosher wine and beverages. All the goods sold in their store online through their website kosherfamily.com are Kashrut certified meaning all of their kosher products are certified to satisfy the Kashrut standards and guidelines. They are absolutely one of the most visited kosher store suppliers in Brooklyn. They also deliver for free within Crown Heights and plans to extend within the neighboring places like Park Slope. With Kosher Family, you will certainly find the best kosher wine that is produced in the market today and you will find all the kosher food products imaginable that you can list down on your grocery list to shop for. 

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