Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quick Facts About Kosher

The life of the Jewish people is highly influenced by the law of Torah. Even their dietary concept is influenced by the Jewish dietary law that is governed mainly by the Kashrut that provides for the specific foods that the Jews can eat and cannot be eaten. The dietary guidelines provided in the Kashrut provides for the procedures required on preparing the foods to make them kosher. A kosher categorizes a particular food as one that is prepared and in accordance to the Jewish dietary law. Anything that does deviate from the Kashrut teachings or requirements render the food non-kosher thus unfit for the Jews’ diet as required in the Bible.

For the kosher consumers, the preparation and food selection is important as there are certain conditions that must be addressed to make a food preparation kosher. For instance, fruits and vegetables must be free from crawling insects and they must be carefully inspected for any bugs. The presence of tiny insects on them will make then non-kosher therefore they must be thoroughly rinsed well to remove the infestation completely. In some cases, washing them with detergent will be necessary otherwise the vegetable will no longer be viable to become kosher.

The same applies with fruits whereby one must ensure that the fruit is free from insects and bugs thus they must be thoroughly rinsed or peeled to remove the dirty peelings if cleansing is not sufficient. Kosher may also be from dairy products and meat. However, the Kashrut teachings prohibit both from coming in contact with each other thus they must be prepared separately and even served on the table on different instances. One needs to use separate utensils for the food preparation of both dairy and meat products.  Because of the intricacies in the preparation of kosher foods, it is often common for some Jews to prepare the foods themselves to ensure that the preparation is made according to the Kashrut dietary guidelines.

This is the reason why most restaurants serving kosher obtain a kosher certification to give their customers the assurance that they are serving food products that are kosher under the certification or supervision of a kosher certifying agency or rabbi. In the Brooklyn area where there is quite a larger Jewish population, you can find several kosher certified restaurants. If you prefer to prepare your own kosher menu, you can buy kosher food products from KosherFamily where they serve different palatable kosher foods on the shelves of different varieties from meat, fish, egg, and dairy products. They also sell kosher parve which are mainly vegetables that is excellent for a vegetarian diet. If you want better convenience, they can also provide a home delivery service for free if you are within the Crown Heights area. Because of the demand for their products, they may be expanding their delivery service to the healthy community in the Park Slope neighborhood as well. You can also visit www.kosherfamily.com to view their kosher food products and place your orders online. 

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