Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Understanding The Kosher Certification Process

Not all kosher food suppliers are in fact kosher certified. To become certified, you need to meet the standards required by the certifying agency or rabbinic certification provider. Kosher are foods that are prepared according to the Jewish dietary law called the Kashrut. It provides the guidelines on how to prepare foods according to the biblical teachings. Many consumers are very keen of looking for kosher certified food providers as the process involves strict adherence to the Kashrut teachings otherwise the food prepared will become non-kosher.

To become kosher, the Torah or the Bible of the Jews taught about the proper food preparation of certain foods. It likewise provides for the specific animals that can be slaughtered which meat is fit for human consumption. To be kosher, the meat from the animals with cloven hooves and chew the cud are only allowed to be eaten. This includes sheep, cattle, lamb, goat and bulls. Other animals are considered non-kosher when they don’t meet this classification. Killing the animals should also be done painlessly.

Kosher certification also requires following the proper kashering which is the process of removing the blood and the veins and skin of the animal. The Kosher supervisor will ensure that the foods to be served must have all the fats and veins removed and the blood properly drained. The meat is then soaked in a bath on room temperature. Drawing out the blood will involve using the procedure of soaking the meat on salting tables and salted there for one hour. Dairy products and its derivatives are also used as kosher ingredient but they must be prepared according to the Kashrut requirement that the dairy products must not come in contact with the meat. Thus the processing of dairy products must be separate from the meat products in terms of the preparation table and the utensils to be used.

While some kosher regulation provides that tiny additives need not be declared on the packaging of the kosher food products but this may render the foods non-kosher. That is why proper labeling of the kosher food products are being strictly observed by one of the most popular kosher food providers in Brooklyn, the Kosher Family in order to help their customers understand what ingredients are contained in their kosher food varieties.

Kosher Family is a kosher certified grocery and gourmet store servicing Crown Heights are of Brooklyn that can help simplify your kosher shopping experience. All their kosher food variants are well labeled and the packaging is informative in terms of the classifying their kosher food products as parve, meat or dairy including the other ingredients that may be included in every kosher food. Whether you want to avoid fish or egg or meat, you have the kosher parve as a good choice for a vegetarian diet. Otherwise, you can find other kosher food preparations that are ready on stock with the appropriate ingredients listed for your own choosing. Kosher certification is very important for someone who strictly adheres to their spiritual dietary belief to ensure that the preparation made on the kosher food products are exactly as provided in the bible.

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